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(elkement. Created: 2005-12-06. Tags: Paintblog)

Since all the other EPSI members are busy with their so-called businesses and other unimportant hobbies, there has to be someone... whose mission is to create art for its one sake... to make humankind think, believe, doubt, cry, laugh... whatever...

Unfortunately, the link to the video does not work any more! And this is only 10 years later! In a post called Eternity! How ironic![Link broken]

We add a pointer to a related paintbloggy project:


z Cult Goes Global.

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Irgendwer has has travelled trillions of miles, trying to find answers to fundamental questions. He focuses again on the most important details because these reflect the wealth and diversity of the whole universe:

Pun intended, but unfortunately lost in translation:

Sauf Service

In addition, the z-cult is becoming more popular every day due to somebody's investments in the development of a proper corporate cult identity:

The Z Cult And Its Symbol
Sauf Service

And we all (?) watch closely how Irgendwer intrudes into other life-forms' (?) lives: But as these are aliens or mutants, no harm has been done - allegedly.

Added for your convenience - popcultural background: Just about everybody who works in the post-office is an alien.

Cleared, Re-organized, Streamlined

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Sammelraum has completely cleared, re-organized, streamlined and defragmented all of his collected space:

It took several weeks until the subversive annalist of EPSI was able to report on this event and its consequences.

The Sammelraum is perfectly clean now - as perfect as the high-tech laboratory in a low budget science fiction movie - the kind of laboratory where aliens are dessected. All the traces of real living beings (humans or aliens) are gone - sacrificed to so-called art and *panicking* potentially commercial activities.

We are shocked.
But... there may be hope: Due to a initiative kicked off by thousands of Sammelraum fans, the famous Lake Dwarf has re-materialzed again:


Earth-shattering information added 10 years later: The internet does not forget. So we will not forget the Lake Dwarf either.

Hail and thanks for all the links!


The Dwarf - as we will remember him!

No P Anymore

(elkement. Created: 2005-07-07. Tags: Paintblog)

Paintblog sees the roots of his existence and self-confidence being shattered: by the removal of "P" from the top of his world:

Good-bye P!

Schrödinger's Equation

(elkement. Created: 2005-06-12. Tags: Paintblog)

Cryptical signs emerge, when Paintblog blogs paint today.

BELSZAR by Paintblog (cropped)

Do we recognize Schrödinger's equation? The EPSI logo? Illegal non-EPSI activities which are not compliant with the EPSI subversive code of conduct?

ELEMENTary Aspects of Human Existence

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Irgenwer documents EPSI lifestyle or - to be precise: Paintblog Lifestyle. He is creating meta-art by combing painted blogs / blogged paint with ELEMENTary aspects of human existence, such as sleep:

ELEMENTary Aspects of Human Existence

Background information on Nice Colors and Malicious Colors, owned (or as we hackers say: 0wned / pwned) by Element and Irgendwer, respectively.

Cycle of Songs ... or Circle of Songs

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-28. Created: 2005-05-15. Tags: Paintblog)

Paintblog's profile transmogrifies again - morphing into to an even more subversive existence (again).

This can easily be concluded from his latest announcements:

Circle of Songs @ Paintblog

But the Element's capabilities of translation come to an end here: What is a "Liederkreis" - a cycle of songs or a song of cycles? Is this the same duality as Paintblog itself has created: Blogging paint versus painting blog?

According to confidential information, these pictures are produced on "erstmals auf selbst hergestellten und bespannten keilrahmen", which is something like a frame of wedges (reminds us of McDonalds!) or a wedge of frames (??)

Edit: As usual, our job as archaeologists is to add Google Translate Poetry. Paintblog is blogging paint inspired by ancient, timeless poetry. Here we add brand-new internet poetry:

The Original (Heinrich Heine)

Anfangs wollt' ich fast verzagen,
Und ich glaubt': ich trüg es nie;
Und ich hab' es doch getragen -
Aber fragt mich nur nicht, wie?

Google's Translation

Initially would I almost despair,
And I think ': I never tardily it;
And I've worn it yet -
But just do not ask me how?

Paintblog's Identity

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-28. Created: 2005-02-25. Tags: Paintblog)

Paintblog is following the EPSI trend with respect to revealing identities:

[Some link we obfuscate in a really pathetic way]/paintblog/about.htm.

But his outing gives rise to further questions:

Is Paintblog painting blogs?

Or is Paintblog blogging paint?

Are there any relations to the so-called fun sports (game?) paintball?

And who is the enigmatig El(k)ement?

And who is THIS?

Due to less stringent quoation rules and copyright provisions we are finally able to quote from Irgendwessen original text.

Orange Vision

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-01-12. Created: 2005-05-08. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog, Sammelraum, Irgendwer)

Irgendwer is desperately searching for Sammelraum (Read the coded message) via original and moving poetry:

Tagaus tagein man glaubt es kaum
sammelt Raum der Sammelraum.
Doch in seinem Sammeltraum
träumt er von einem Sammelbaum.

Sammelbaum - Collecting Tree


Day after day believe it or not
collects the plenum space.
However, in his collecting space
He dreams of a collective tree.

Finally we learn about the orange vision of EPSI in this shocking report, not for the faint of heart.

Orange Jail

This traumatic event may have or may have not been imprinted on all EPSIs' minds - and materialized as a so-called header image of this site 10 years later.

Orange Something

What Should Have Never Happened

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-05-07. Tags: Elkement)

Element has revealed the identities of thousands of ist followers, generating one of the prominent scandals of the online world in 2005: Sending a 'newsletter' at about midnight, the Element copied all recipients to the To line instead of BCC.

The embarassing details can be found at

This glitch, revealing the Element's inherent human-ness (It is not a bot after all!) was much funnier than the Newsletter No 7's content, which was allow about Elemenets = Items in the German version of well-known so-called productivity software.

Elements in Outlook ActiveSync (German version)

Thus the Element is now spending a lot of time in building up a new community (It had to delete all contact addresses of its subcribers due to security reasons). On the other hand the element (sometimes also called ELKEMENT) receives feedback from new elementary clients: schön, daß es doch Leute gibt die Sinn für gehobenen Unsinn haben und den auch noch veröffentlichen..

Update 2015: The latest embarassing confessions / facepalm of a so-called IT expert can be found here:

Serious Journalism

(elkement. Created: 2005-05-03. Tags: Sammelraum)

Sammelraum seems to pursue serious occupations (?) He is collecting pictures taken at subversive events and is transforming them to something like a cover of a newspaper. Should we worry about that?

Serious Magazine

Storage Rooms

(elkement. Created: 2005-04-19. Tags: Sammelraum)

Sammelraum is still travelling and his findings become stranger every day. After non-storage rooms in US he has now found storage rooms in Japan. Stay tuned!

Storage Room

We believe this is somehow related to the allegedly urban-legendary effect of the Coriolis Force.

Tagged also with Paintblog despite his role remains dubious.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-04-18. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog)

Element watches another EPSI board member, often signing his cryptical messages with P


Is this The P, the same P?

We never know!

Blogging Paint Elsewhere

(elkement. Created: 2005-03-28. Tags: Paintblog)

This news item is not really new, but not old either.

This link represents the timeless traces of various other PaintBlogging activities.

Windows Dummies, not Windows for Dummies:

Windows Dummies
Windows Dummies

News-Blog: A remarkable collection of articles on topics such as hippos swallowing dwarfs or toasted bread as Taylorism turned food. Edit with hindsight: This is how we shared viral stories in the pre-Facebook era.

10 years later we have no idea what this 'news item' was about.

EPSI Meeting Deciphered

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-03-28. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog, Sammelraum)

The Element wants to outperform Somebody with respect to story-telling and reports on a remarkable meeting - probably violation the unwritten laws of the EPSI guidelines on anonymity:

EPSI cult   EPSI dresscode

Irgendwer[*] has reported on the same meeting, in a more enigmatic way. elkement has finally Google-translated his report. It was not until recently (2015 as per adding this comment) that the essence of these rituals and painstaking research on they significance have been fully appreciated.

The Ritual

[*] Who did not participate in this meeting and was thus removed from the list of tagged EPSIs here!

EPSI Not Allowed??

(elkement. Created: 2005-03-22. Tags: Sammelraum)

Sammelraum is still travelling and discovering, that in the land of the free and unlimited opportunities there are places where the PSI part of EPSI is not allowed:

Neiter at gates ...


...nor at the ground.


Stay tuned for upates on Sammelraum's website

Due to less stringent quoation rules and copyright provisions we are finally able to quote from Irgendwessen original text.

[Some weird three-letter acronym] - An Exceptional Meeting

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-01-12. Created: 2005-03-22. Tags: Irgendwer)

Irgendwer keeps reporting / story-telling strange meetings. For the first time (Edit in 2015: And the only time ever) he uses the language of corporate BS and marketing on his down-to-earth setter's website:

[Some weird three-letter acronym] - An Exceptional Meeting
Cult Symbols

It sounds very EPSI:

They were very shy and hid from the public during their conventions. In order not to be disturbed they usually started their meetings after dawn and chose hidden locations like a lonesome vineyard somewhere in the countryside. Some of them even did show up in disguise in order not to be recognised.

Do we detect some kind of business relevance / commercialization here? Can the EPSI board tolerate it? Or do we need a Donate Button on this website here anyway?

The King or Big M - a spiritual experience

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-12-01. Created: 2005-03-20. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog, Sammelraum, Irgendwer)

We are still not sure what this means for EPSI...

...but it may be enormously important! Somebody within the EPSI board core team missed it, but nevertheless anybody knows about it and has provided us with the following report. There are rumours that members of the virtual EPSI advisory board may have been present at this event.

Background Information, Declassified 2005

Irgendwer's (Irgendessen) competitive spirit has risen and during a period of spiritually enlightened moment he has written down several new (spiritual) tales, thereby reaching a new level of depth and meaning. Especially a strange story about the possible spiritual impacts of meetings held at even stranger locations might be of interest with respect to the future development of the vision and strategy of EPSI. It has to be mentioned that Irgendwer is able to report on events he was not present, so we are probably encountering telepathic phenomena here.

Background Information, Declassified 2015

Ten years after this 'page' (not really deserving that name) has been added to the epsi Web Tomb, the elkement finally takes a decision:

Cheap cross-linking of German stuff has to stop!

(You might be interested in the elkement's German report though.)

We know that Irgendwer is rather the Forrest Gump of epsi and despite some time in the corporate world his foreign language skills are not well developed. So we do what any Subversive Element in its right mind would do... and let Google Translate the original report:

It turns mildly funny quant stories into elkement-worthy experimental internet poetry:

Very often people of z-village
to be found at places of worship
associated with the rapid uptake of food
(so-called "fast food")
are associated.
After a rigorous ritual takes place,
both the selection
of made-to-mature recipes cult menus
at the dispensaries
and the subsequent eating of.

Ritual 1: Order.
The order of the desired menu is subjected to
a rigorous process and a precise voice control.
Menu - size - Drink - Sauce -
the "here-food" or take away.
Everyone knows what he has to ask and respond.
Errors or superfluous phrases in ritual altercation
immediately expose every cult philistines.

Ritual 1: Order

Ritual 2: eating of.
Tray (with menu) - straw - napkin.
These cult objects you sit on a Spartan table.
The technique to hold a burger
and to fill in the much too small mouth.
The transfigured eyes expression at the first bite.
The greedy sucking on Strohalm
to clear with a brown, carbonated drink his thirst.
The consciousness of being
in the company of like-minded people
- a ritual cult special experience.

Ritual 2: eating of.

Ritual 3: The Coronation. "...
Except ye be converted,
and become as little children,
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven
(Matthew 18.3) ..."
- At the climax of the act of worship
is the spiritual experience
to become as children.
Balloons, toys from the Happy Meal bag
or the ultimate coronation ...

Coronation Coronation is bold. Coronation

Not For Storage

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-28. Created: 2005-03-14. Tags: Sammelraum)

Sammelraum has found rooms, which are not dedicated to storage / collection. Sammelraum is on a research trip to prove his theory, that creative energy is released on the combination of storage and not-for-storage rooms.

Not for storage room

Edit in 2015. Nobody understood that - so we need a more hands-on example:

We are reminded of Russell's Paradox.

"Let us call a set "abnormal" if it is a member of itself, and "normal" otherwise. For example, take the set of all squares in the plane. That set is not itself a square in the plane, and therefore is not a member of the set of all squares in the plane. So it is "normal". On the other hand, if we take the complementary set that contains all non-(squares in the plane),[a] that set is itself not a square in the plane and so should be one of its own members as it is a non-(square in the plane). It is "abnormal".

Now we consider the set of all normal sets, R. Determining whether R is normal or abnormal is impossible: if R were a normal set, it would be contained in the set of normal sets (itself), and therefore be abnormal; and if R were abnormal, it would not be contained in the set of all normal sets (itself), and therefore be normal. This leads to the conclusion that R is neither normal nor abnormal: Russell's paradox." (Wikipedia)

Paintblog's Living Wall

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-28. Created: 2005-02-25. Tags: Paintblog)

Paintblog outperforms all other EPSI board members with respect to weekly creative performance according to the EPSI unbalanced scorecard and presents his living wall, which is probably a sophisticated meta-represenation of the EPSI OrganiSculpts:

The EPSI organization can hardly be represented by a figure utilizing less than about 10 dimensions (Correlated to string theory?) So Paintblog invented the so-called living wall methodology to give the EPSI page surfer unfamiliar with string theory the opportunitly to catch a glimpse on our REAL structure.

Edit - we are worried: Only 10 years any many browser versions later, the Living Wall looks as if it hibernated - showing images of trees in winter only. We hope it is still alive - at least in a parallel universe!

Paintblog Living Wall

10 years later we have no idea what this 'news item' was about.


(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-03-05. Tags: Elkement)

Let's get the historical content of our chest first:

The Element has updated its so-called (or: a little bit more) business compatible website due to numerous requests for quotation permissions. Due to the sensitive nature of the information no links can be provided except a very little one.

We have no idea whatsoever what that businessy allusion might have been. The page once called life.asp, now painstakingly redirected using a list of URLs in a rewrite map as extensive as a phonebook (Sorry, I digress...) shows some self-indulgent images of the elkement as a maverick and lone hero today:

elkement cult shows us rather stilted German Personal Profile Prose at the archived page. But there is (has been) hope as we spot the term 'Freak'.

OrganiSculpts (c)

(elkement. Created: 2005-03-05. Tags: Sammelraum)

Sammelraum  implements / implants  OrganiSculpts to raise to the challenge of visualizing the EPSI organization, processes and un-balanced score card.


We herewith declare that a certain Operating System that had the magical number of 7 in its name came long after us. So they stole from us.

Paintblog's Dreamscape

(elkement. Created: 2005-02-25. Tags: Paintblog)

Paintblog has revealed the complex relations between lyrics and painting relations.

His original and nearly un-translatable comment:

"ein neues stück paintblog für irgendwen mit elementaren sammelträumen"

Translating about to:

"a new piece of painted blog for somebody. With elemental, all-encompassing [in the sense of collecting] dreams"

His subconsciousness-thrilling new work of art  ...

Nice Colors! Liebe Farbe!

... is obviously inspired by the EPSI logo:


He claims his paintings to be inspired by famous poetry. Due to warping of curved space-time and the consequent formation of worm holes and time travel channels, an inspiration of ancient poets by Paintblog's paintings explain the correlations more straight forward.

We feel obliged to add (10 years later) that the Subversive Pages mentioned therein are not red anymore.

Elemental World

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-02-25. Tags: Elkement)

The Element triggers radical and subversive thinking and is thus confident to be able to shatter the foundations of society as we know it today.

As a consequence it receives extraordinary feedback, such as:"I would kindly ask you to remove me from your distribution list" or "Why have you chosen a red background?"

To reply to such ground-breaking questions, the Element has  added legendary marginal contents to its start page - following the tradition of Pierre Fermat.

Iconic Subversive Plush Animal

An overdue update: As per end of 2015, the Red Pages are not red anymore: The elkement has started the largest web re-organization in its history and merged its three sites into one. And it developed a new platform from scratch, but - alas - Paintblog will call it Scripts nonetheless.

However, we are considering to launch a Kickstarter campaign so that we cound fund the extraordinary costs of changing the layout from time to time, such as announcing Red X-Mas Nostalgia Weeks. Let us know if you are interested in investing!

But no elemental content had been harmed in this migration! The elkement is a true curator and never deletes anything!

Links work again thanks internet archeology.

Sammelraum keeps collecting space

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-28. Created: 2005-02-18. Tags: Sammelraum)

Sammelraum keeps collecting space, and also time perhaps.

Since space is very reluctant to be collected at the low temperature in February, he has to collect it bit by bit. This resembles the way, in which EPSI invades cyberspace gradually.

Sammelraum presents also sensational insights to its own interior, thus disclosing the non-human nature of Sammelraum. Some titles added to his space-collection-art are remarkable ("NoTitle", "Reverso", "InAndOut") clearly demonstrating (again) his / its / their self-referencing and self-containing nature.

Traces @ Sammelraum


Some(body's) Iconic Icons

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-12-01. Created: 2015-02-13. Tags: Elkement, Irgendwer)

Irgendwer continues to tell tales. He turns neglected pieces of reality into stories, thus fostering competitive spirit within the EPSI community by collecting virtual space in a subversive way and transforming everything into iconic pictures.

Somebody's Icons - Irgendwessen Bildchen

He documents modern society by reconstructing so-called reality by investigating day-to-day splinters of observations, just as complete information is preserved in single splinters of a hologram.

As per December 2015 we need to announce / admit, sad as it is, that Somebody's (Irgendwessen) hand-crafted little thumbnails have been superseded by elkement the Script Kiddy's code for generating images. This is the relentless arrow of time, progress in our age of robotics and automation!

In typical self-referential EPSI-style, we link to the Inspiring Page again that uses the same framework. We thank Somebody for his much appreciated contributions to quality assurance and project management in this web migration project!

© EPSI (2005 until the end of time) Do not send your feedback to: epsi [guess what to insert here to make an e-mail address out of it] Due to fundamental problems of self-reference (that is: referring mainly to our own EPSI pages) a disclaimer concerning hyperlinks does not make any sense at all. Nevertheless, fond of absurdity, we declare to be not responsible for pages we link to. So-called Legal notice: is a private, non-commercial website with contributions from EPSI, an Austrian think tank and association of self-proclaimed artists: E-lement from Workers' Street, P-aintblog from Wall Street, S-ammelraum from Forger's Street, I-rgendwer from z-village. And now, I need more text to fill this container Lorem-Ipsum-style. Text is aligned 'justify' on purpose. Yes, we know that this does not increase readability! But you should not read this actually!!