Some(body's) Iconic Icons

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Irgendwer continues to tell tales. He turns neglected pieces of reality into stories, thus fostering competitive spirit within the EPSI community by collecting virtual space in a subversive way and transforming everything into iconic pictures.

Somebody's Icons - Irgendwessen Bildchen

He documents modern society by reconstructing so-called reality by investigating day-to-day splinters of observations, just as complete information is preserved in single splinters of a hologram.

As per December 2015 we need to announce / admit, sad as it is, that Somebody's (Irgendwessen) hand-crafted little thumbnails have been superseded by elkement the Script Kiddy's code for generating images. This is the relentless arrow of time, progress in our age of robotics and automation!

In typical self-referential EPSI-style, we link to the Inspiring Page again that uses the same framework. We thank Somebody for his much appreciated contributions to quality assurance and project management in this web migration project!

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