10 years later we have no idea what this 'news item' was about.


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Let's get the historical content of our chest first:

The Element has updated its so-called (or: a little bit more) business compatible website due to numerous requests for quotation permissions. Due to the sensitive nature of the information no links can be provided except a very little one.

We have no idea whatsoever what that businessy allusion might have been. The page once called life.asp, now painstakingly redirected using a list of URLs in a rewrite map as extensive as a phonebook (Sorry, I digress...) shows some self-indulgent images of the elkement as a maverick and lone hero today:

elkement cult

Archive.org shows us rather stilted German Personal Profile Prose at the archived page. But there is (has been) hope as we spot the term 'Freak'.

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