What Should Have Never Happened

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Element has revealed the identities of thousands of ist followers, generating one of the prominent scandals of the online world in 2005: Sending a 'newsletter' at about midnight, the Element copied all recipients to the To line instead of BCC.

The embarassing details can be found at

This glitch, revealing the Element's inherent human-ness (It is not a bot after all!) was much funnier than the Newsletter No 7's content, which was allow about Elemenets = Items in the German version of well-known so-called productivity software.

Elements in Outlook ActiveSync (German version)

Thus the Element is now spending a lot of time in building up a new community (It had to delete all contact addresses of its subcribers due to security reasons). On the other hand the element (sometimes also called ELKEMENT) receives feedback from new elementary clients: schön, daß es doch Leute gibt die Sinn für gehobenen Unsinn haben und den auch noch veröffentlichen..

Update 2015: The latest embarassing confessions / facepalm of a so-called IT expert can be found here:

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