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Compliant Subversion

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Paintblog- reloaded. Finally Paintblog has surrendered and is compliant with EPSI design and CI guidelines - at least more than ever before)) . This is a major improvment and a mile stone because it is well known that Paintblog typically does not adhere to corporate standards - especially with respect to background colors of web sites.

Edit: If this hint was too cryptical, dear reader, you might be interested in the elkement's nostalgic account of the time when it was a so-called IT manager. Maybe Paintblog was a manager at the same time and in the same organization!

Burn the Org Chart – if Not the Organization – Down to the Ground

... But bear with me and remember (people of earth) that this was 1999. Back then I was in charge of “managing” some of those infamous web projects and of operating “compliant” corporate web sites. That is: Theoretically I should have disciplined anarchic web site builders and force them to use the corporate CI. Above all, they should refrain from ordering a domain and web space elsewhere, circumventing “corporate” and setup their subversive departmental website. On the other hand I should have – theoretically – motivated people to add some content to the zombie corporate content management system nobody wanted to use.

But dictatorial directives – "All Web pages must be formally approved by the Department of Business Prevention" — throw cold water onto all that magic-mushroom enthusiasm." (Quote from Chapter 1)...

...The Cluetrain Manifesto is as valid as it was in 1999.

It is us geeks who first have built the networks for fun and then become network managers and compliance enforcers. Let’s return to the playground, start something from scratch again that "grows like the weed between the cracks in the monolithic steel-and-glass empire".

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