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Is Collected Space Fragile?

(elkement. Created: 2015-11-29. Tags: Elkement, Sammelraum)

Sammelraum is collecting all sorts of spaces: Including spaces with life-forms in them.

Life-forms whose images are collected secretly might always look a bit lost.

But there is an endless abyss beyond and beneath.



Fragility @ Sammelraum

Sammelraum communicates via the hyper-dimensional space of many pixels talking at once. The elkement is pure text (It's motto is Life is a Text File.)

So the elkement had to raise to the challenge to map this multi-dimensional space onto a linear 1D stream of ASCII characters.

In the Meta-Space of EPSI we had too add more levels. So we used, as usual Google Translate, and travelled to through a translation worm-hole of these langages:
German >>  Chinese >> Greek >> Korean >> Spanish >> Zulu >> Maori >> Finnish >> English.

Weakness - submerged in bad times

The time is not the case (Richard Feynman), it happens.
We measured the time to read the plan one.
The level of non Metronome that it does not take action,
it seems to go a little bit.

Sign in our lives is determined by points.
You must be very busy.

Time Füllmomente between the facts
in determining the distance of time and real space: space.
 X and Y at the end of the first vehicle B.

This Füllmomenten anxious, counters, and I am weak.
We feel inundated, and wait for our civilization.
We want to work with them in space and time -
the next in line in the calendar; In the following seasons.

However, they do not find it calm and clear,
just decided not to have a voltage unit.
We try to push our clocks and watches;
I agree hope in the heart of the production within their community.

Drop it,
we do not think about the use of the term.
We have to find a balance point
right on the frame ground quickly.

However, this fragile equilibrium.
Go to see the crazy terminated at any time
 - or had returned to teaching real problem of peace.

It is unclear whether the main vulnerability of water
 - that is, you can save a lot of audiences around the world,
which in the past based on knowledge of the future.

People are randomly thrown into a game
type and model of car magazine surreal scene to destroy the target.
Create your own model of the world, and even puzzles.

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