The Art of Trying to Appear Normal

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In 2014, the elkement has promised:

Irgendwer does not like it, but The Element is going to reveal his current EPSI-worthy activities here.

Edit: The time is now. Irgendwer Art is typically created from so-called everything things, usually neglected and underappreciated raw material for art.

We have to be prepared.
We don't know when they will contact us.
But we will welcome them
with all our advanced civilzation has to offer:
The timeless serene beauty
of 100-year old worm-eaten timber
and the somber appeal of high-tech,
the attraction of the utilitarian.

Zen of Wood: Ancient timber meets device to communicate with alien civilizations. Since 2008!

Zen of Wood:
It is all about the arrangement,
about the process.

Zen of Wood: The magic is in the arrangement.

Sometimes they watch us.

Some Face: Ignorance is Bliss.

And we should shake with horror.
Rightly so.

Some Face: Horror looming beyond potatoes.

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