Sammelraum Archaeology

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Sammelraum has collected quite some space in the recent years.

The Subversive Annalist (or Analyst?) of EPSI have been in hiding (in plain sight, actually) although fans have been waiting for updates.

We missed several defragmentations and re-collections of Sammelraum. Now his landscape is coded. His gallery looks like a foreign galaxy - what can be done?

Sammelraum's Galaxy - Coded Landscape

But better never than late! Or better late than never? The ultimate guide to collecting space:

The Galaxy ... or Gallery

The News. We feel free to create Google Translate Poetry from a snippet of current news:

Body needs space, in order to exist.

On the other hand, the space itself
Especially in former times,
but sometimes even now,
that was tied to the movement

If a room is real, when no one is in it?
separate from its spatial film and lead a life of its own
beyond space and time increasingly.

With the speed of light we
leave traces in rooms that we never enter.
placing them in different contexts and spatialized again.

Maybe we can understand Sammelraum's cryptical messages better if we take into account that he had defragmented His Space (himself?) in spring of the 14th year of the new millenium. makes it obvious that Sammelraum's well known license-plate-style sign has suddenly been replaced by multiple instances of a life-form that may or not be related to Sammelraum. Most likely, this was due to copyright issues (to violate the copyright of several entities at once in the future). To be precise, we can only see multiple 2D representations of this life-form - projected from a virtual world onto canvas.

Anyway - EPSI's Corporate Social Responsibility Officer is pleased to note that these life-forms are raised according to the principles of organic farming, or BIO as we say in the country where EPSI's web server happens to be physically located.

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