Far (Fair?) (A?)Way

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Paintblog has lived in many parallel universes since EPSI has been founded...

The projections of these hyper-dimensional multiverses protuding in our 3D or 4D universe often looks like innocuous so-called paintings on canvas. This may sound far-fetched but it is the most plausible explanation, given the title of a so-called painting that translates to 15 Mysteries - Birth.

But even farer and fairer away, Paintblog's universe is made exclusively from sound.

Theories say that Paintblog's parallel universes are actually located in so-called Greater Vienna, and aliens designed them in a way resembling dark basements filled with smoke and flashes of light.

Experts in linguistics state that this so-called music can only be the result of having time-travelled to past centuries for harvesting so-called poetry. We rather believe that Paintblog's Sounds have been sent to alien civilizations on an early precursor of the compact disc and aliens equipped Paintblog and his companion life-forms with time-warping techology... far fair away.

Some enigmatic messages - so called news about 'Events' (a code word for sure) are signalled through sub-space now and then...

Alien civilizations have captures these signals from the past, having travelled millions of light years.

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