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As dedicated netizens of the virtual world and good citizens of the world of corporations, approval processes, (brain) dead intranets and ethical guidelines EPSI board members proudly present their claimer (sorry) disclaimer and other elaborated results of their research in the arcane language and rites of online jurisdiction.

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Why have we chosen a .name domain?

According to the legally binding guidelines of nic.name the following creatures are eligible for registration of .name domains (Quote, 2005):

".name remains a space for individuals' Personal Names. A Personal Name may be, without limitation, a name, nickname, pseudonym, alias, or something an individual or fictional character is commonly known as in its own social context. An individual can register a Personal Name, or a company or individual can register a fictional character to which it has rights."

EPSI is a social being, more than lots of other beings that notion is typically assigned to. Is it a pseudo-being, both fictional and real (real times 4) and very well known in its own - very peculiar - social context.

Besides, the .name domain represents a subtle acronym characterizing EPSI, recently detected (collected?) by Sammelraum: Nerds Advanced Mind Experience

Definition of EPSI


What are EPSI and EPSF? EPSI is EPS with a device independent bitmap preview.

So what ist EPSF? EPSI without Irgendwer, but including a Foreign, fantastic F? Device independence is very important, because independence is a pre-requisite for proper subversion.

On the other hand, EPSI members indeed meet in the EPS room frequently - thereby excluding Irgendwer (or: Irgendwen)

EPS-I Room

But if you scrutize the EPS room sign carefully you may be able to detect Irgendwer's subtle influence.

EPSI is an all ASCII (no binary data or headers) version of EPS. EPSI provides for a hexadecimal encoded preview representation of the image that will be displayed or printed. EPSI files were documented by Adobe...

Sorry for mentioning names of companies or brands!

...as a means of providing a preview for EPS files which would be cross-platform. In reality though DOS machines and Windows ...

Sorry again!

...favour embedding TIFF or even Windows Metafiles in the PostScript. I don't know of any Mac packages that support EPSI files.

The Macintosh...

I give it up!

...has always favoured EPSF files with the data fork of the file containing the PostScript code, and the resource fork containing a PICT preview of the file. This is how typically when you import an EPSF file into a program (Quark, Persuasion etc.) you get to see the PICT preview from the file. It is still possible to have an EPSF file without a preview though, in this case the imported artwork is displayed usually as a box with diagonal lines running through it. Note the term EPSF really means that the image is independant of an output device, in other words the image would need to be embedded inside other PostScript code to be usable (printable). The old command-lk files from the PS driver on the Mac are not EPSF files as they are produced for a specific output device (LaserWriter). Therefore they cannot be imported into other applications for printing. ESPF must be given resource number 256

Short version: Responsible for this website are the life-forms quoted enigmatically and half-heartedly at the bottom of this page.

Somebody (German: Irgendwer) has to be responsible for this website. Surprisingly, it is the person related to the Subversive Element. The relations are still not fully revealed, although the Element's existence looms into the business world of one person that might be particularly accountable for the so-called content here.

Disclaimer (This...claimer?)

Our disclaimer in German and English can be found here

We like especially this section:

"The author reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. All offers are not-binding and without obligation. Parts of the pages or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement."

And we like to add:

Nobody has been harmed in the production of these pages. (Not even anybody at all, including Somebody).

We are sorry for damage and injury caused, but we are aware of the viral nature of our content (though not responsible).

We will announce any changes and we will meta-announce the announcements (This may even be the sole purpose of this self-referencing site).

Other useful legal templates - (disclaimer collection)

This listed is added as a service to our customer who consider this page an appropriate template. But there are other remarkable disclaimers out there in the net:

Entropy Gradient Reversal "... accepts no responsibility whatsoever. For anything."
Gin and Tacos' Disclaimer "Law is too important to be left to lawyers."
Standard Disclaimer by Sparrows' Providence "Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Shading within a garment may occur."

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© EPSI (2005 until the end of time) Do not send your feedback to: epsi [guess what to insert here to make an e-mail address out of it] epsi.name. Due to fundamental problems of self-reference (that is: referring mainly to our own EPSI pages) a disclaimer concerning hyperlinks does not make any sense at all. Nevertheless, fond of absurdity, we declare to be not responsible for pages we link to. So-called Legal notice: epsi.name is a private, non-commercial website with contributions from EPSI, an Austrian think tank and association of self-proclaimed artists: E-lement from Workers' Street, P-aintblog from Wall Street, S-ammelraum from Forger's Street, I-rgendwer from z-village. And now, I need more text to fill this container Lorem-Ipsum-style. Text is aligned 'justify' on purpose. Yes, we know that this does not increase readability! But you should not read this actually!!