(Very, very) Preliminary Results of EPSI Strategy Workshops

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The figures / applications below provide the best representation of EPSI vision, strategy and org chart existing so far. The results have partly been consolidated at the first EPSI real life board meeting. This is THE legendary board meeting, which gives rise to a second, unofficial name assigned to EPSI in analogy to other strange cults or groups: "Triesterburger"

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This application could only be realized due to pool of talented experts EPSI consists of. Here we give you insight into our internal processes.
(|) Vague idea provided by Irgendwer, communicated to Element  (|)  Communicated to the board by the Element, presenting it as its idea (self-marketing)  (|)  Slogan provided by Sammelraum  (|)  Application developed by PaintBlog  (|)  Application adapted by the Element  (|)  Integration and project management by the Element  (|)  Somebody complains about the Element's self-marketing strategy ... (|)


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OrganiSculpt(s) imPLANTED
by our space collector 

These sophisticated representation of the internal EPSI organization may need some time to load (and in 2015: lowering your browser's security settings. Boldly go where no one has gone before!)
They have been prepared by our Master Plant and are not authorized yet by the EPSI advisory board and EPSI steering committee. Nevertheless, since these are the only results achieved after a ten days' workshop, we not want to hide them from the public.

The EPSI organization is a virtual innovative organization and can thus only be represented by a 3-dimensional org chart. In addition, time is added as a degree of freedom and 4th dimension.

The Ultimate OrganiSculpt - representing organization AND processes within EPSI

(|) Legend and caption are classified <insert FBI / X-files style logo here>, thus the mapping of a specific color to a specific EPSI board member cannot be revealed
(|)  Colors change  at least once a day (due to security reasons) and/or colors change their meaning at least once a day. Besides "Color", the elements ;-) of the organisculpt also carry charme and strangeness (we refer to standard text books of quantum chromodynamics here) which cannot be represented.
(|)  Connections are stochastic and follows complex laws of non-linear chaotic dynamics (currently under investigation)


Brainstorming: Something like a wobbling tetraeder

(|)  Virtual  (|)  3D  (|)  4D  (|)  5D   (|)  OrganiSculpt  (|)  Relativistic  (|) Timeless  (|)  Dynamic  (|)  ..never Sleeps  (|)  Hyperlinked  (|)  Innovative  (|)  Brilliant  (|)  Perfect  (|)  But we cannot top REAL org charts anyway   (|)  


Brainstorming: Tetraeder without lines - lean organisculpt

More Virtual  (|)  More Dimensions (?)  (|)  Enigmatic  (|)  OrganiSculpt without sculpture  (|)  Slacker  (|)  Can be looked at for more than one second without going crazy (?)  (|)  Whopper   (|)  Coke   (|)  Brownie   (|)  Can we finish that stupid brainstorming now?

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