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No Change (No) Management

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In 2015 elkement and Irgendwer celebrate 10 years of ...

  • Being EPSI.
  • Avoiding Management (Preferring Being Elkement).
  • The Myth of How a Subversive Organization was started.

... and they suddenly noticed that their development as artists was non-existant.

10 years after hving travelled to 100 villages whose name start with Letter Z they still indulge in writing mildly funny, self-referential blog postings about this event, trying in vain to make their legend go viral.

In such postings, they compare this myth to experimental poetry and/or they create poetry from such writings or create poetry from poetry from poetry ... [add more meta levels].

elkement around the corner! Bumpy road ahead

Irgendwer is overwhelmed, as usual

Irgendwer - confused

Even his quiet virtual space, dedicated to showing off his down-to-earth art - usually from plastic pipes and wood ...

So-called Mutant Art: Abstract Installation of Wood, created via interaction with alien life-forms

... has been flooed by elkement's weird poetry. What was originally a typical sculpture created by taming Irgendwer's favorite Great Ribbed Black Pastic Worms...

Glitch in The Matrix: Installation of Plastic and Fruit

... was decreed to become Geek Art (Glitch in the Matrix - Disturbance of the Force).

The elkement's first attempt at self-plagiarism.

Poetry and the Second Name of Collected Space.

(elkement. Created: 2014-12-04. Tags: Elkement, Sammelraum)

First, some terminology:

Sammelraum is a life-form (allegedly - maybe it is an art bot). The German word means Staging Area in the or military sense, Storage Space, or Collection Space ... so perhaps collected 'pure' space as such, or space for collections.

Second Name is a series of unworldly images created by that life-form. Random people's surnames on a random doorbell panel triggered it: Each image is an overlay of the first 15 portraits images spit out by Google Image Search-ing for these names. These composite faces have been printed on gessoed canvas - prepared in a painstaking process in several steps.

These eerie versions of grand Dutch masters' paintings beg for being complemented by


This is the result:


[Browse the gallery, we wait.]
RAFFLE MOP, image collected by Sammelraum @




... a booklet hand-made by Sammelraum. It is a hardware-only (not download-able) artisanal product that transcends its virtual origins. You would have to feel it - as Sammelraum has coined the term haptic variance (which seems to matches a technical term in biology accidentally): Images are printed on textile banner, and poems on paper. People who touch the book the first time, enter a Zen-like higher state of mind by gently rubbing the textile pages between thumb and index finger for minutes. (We speak from experience.)

How to let the internet's subconsciousness talk about these images? We have used the rigorous version of elkement's technique:

  • Create a screenshot of each image.
  • Feed it into Google Image Search again.
  • Pick one of the 'similar' images shown on the first page of results at random.
  • Visit the page the picked image is part of.
  • Pick a random phrase from this page. This becomes the title.
  • Advance from page to page only via links, and select one phrase from each page.
  • No page must be omitted, deletion or reshuffling of phrases is not allowed.
  • The poems end when the poet goes mad, is utterly exhausted or has reached the End of the Internet in terms of a page without outgoing links.

We make up the following new rule now: Whenever this poetry is re-used it has to be transformed. So we wanted to turn it into images again in this post. We found random images in this way:

  • Enter the title of the poem as a search term on
  • Pick an image shown in the first batch of search results at random.

This are the first 5 of 20 poems in total.


whom she looked up to as a far more competent artist

art for art's sake
The modern age has in most cases failed
Brought death into the world, and all our woe

Looking towards entrance from the inside
transmit the work

you agree that you are happy
come closer
we would love to see your work

All the Year Round - Series 3 - Volume 6

I don't know what to think myself

defying gravity
numbers and symbols
we do not impose quality standards

impassioned audience
We will be in touch soon.
Working in tandem

there should be zero animation




Religious art

We'll Supply the Rest.
Subjects are back!
The Heart of Creativity Beats

wacky European counterparts Perfect for tiny projects
tell us what you think!

Smoked herring sold in Italy


Lightbulb moment

why it is the way it is

to nurture and develop
anecdotes or anything else
Did you know that

you may not have permission
It doesn't matter if you forget the lyrics
Choose how you’re feeling

opt out of appearing here

The Guardian Antiterrorism Journal Spring 2007


None can be used for any purpose whatsoever

No Hard Feelings
we have moved to a new location
We hope to find you
Need Directions

Juice developing absurd ideas
try removing it

Need to get real pictures
based on the following things
a list of numbers
Not at all helpful


This was the elkement's first attempt at self-plagiarism. And it felt good!

Resurrection That Never was

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The Element is finally resurrecting this website.

It has found The Official EPSI Jobs Page, written 2007, ready for publication and waiting in the netherlands of a Drafts Folder. Only 7 years later it has finally been published!

However, the following statement was a bit preposterous:

This website has been dormant for years.
It was a tomb but a beautiful and bizarre one.
However, as we are eagerly anticipating spring
we are yearning for resurrecting this site.
We might even include some modern web technologies
as including feeds
that fetch EPSI-worthy information
through wormholes to other sites.
-- The Founder, 2014-03-01

Content discussed here was first observed on the internet ~ End of May, 2013.

Is Collected Space Fragile?

(elkement. Created: 2015-11-29. Tags: Elkement, Sammelraum)

Sammelraum is collecting all sorts of spaces: Including spaces with life-forms in them.

Life-forms whose images are collected secretly might always look a bit lost.

But there is an endless abyss beyond and beneath.



Fragility @ Sammelraum

Sammelraum communicates via the hyper-dimensional space of many pixels talking at once. The elkement is pure text (It's motto is Life is a Text File.)

So the elkement had to raise to the challenge to map this multi-dimensional space onto a linear 1D stream of ASCII characters.

In the Meta-Space of EPSI we had too add more levels. So we used, as usual Google Translate, and travelled to through a translation worm-hole of these langages:
German >>  Chinese >> Greek >> Korean >> Spanish >> Zulu >> Maori >> Finnish >> English.

Weakness - submerged in bad times

The time is not the case (Richard Feynman), it happens.
We measured the time to read the plan one.
The level of non Metronome that it does not take action,
it seems to go a little bit.

Sign in our lives is determined by points.
You must be very busy.

Time Füllmomente between the facts
in determining the distance of time and real space: space.
 X and Y at the end of the first vehicle B.

This Füllmomenten anxious, counters, and I am weak.
We feel inundated, and wait for our civilization.
We want to work with them in space and time -
the next in line in the calendar; In the following seasons.

However, they do not find it calm and clear,
just decided not to have a voltage unit.
We try to push our clocks and watches;
I agree hope in the heart of the production within their community.

Drop it,
we do not think about the use of the term.
We have to find a balance point
right on the frame ground quickly.

However, this fragile equilibrium.
Go to see the crazy terminated at any time
 - or had returned to teaching real problem of peace.

It is unclear whether the main vulnerability of water
 - that is, you can save a lot of audiences around the world,
which in the past based on knowledge of the future.

People are randomly thrown into a game
type and model of car magazine surreal scene to destroy the target.
Create your own model of the world, and even puzzles.

Compliant Subversion

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-28. Created: 2005-05-15. Tags: Paintblog, Elkement)

Paintblog- reloaded. Finally Paintblog has surrendered and is compliant with EPSI design and CI guidelines - at least more than ever before)) . This is a major improvment and a mile stone because it is well known that Paintblog typically does not adhere to corporate standards - especially with respect to background colors of web sites.

Edit: If this hint was too cryptical, dear reader, you might be interested in the elkement's nostalgic account of the time when it was a so-called IT manager. Maybe Paintblog was a manager at the same time and in the same organization!

Burn the Org Chart – if Not the Organization – Down to the Ground

... But bear with me and remember (people of earth) that this was 1999. Back then I was in charge of “managing” some of those infamous web projects and of operating “compliant” corporate web sites. That is: Theoretically I should have disciplined anarchic web site builders and force them to use the corporate CI. Above all, they should refrain from ordering a domain and web space elsewhere, circumventing “corporate” and setup their subversive departmental website. On the other hand I should have – theoretically – motivated people to add some content to the zombie corporate content management system nobody wanted to use.

But dictatorial directives – "All Web pages must be formally approved by the Department of Business Prevention" — throw cold water onto all that magic-mushroom enthusiasm." (Quote from Chapter 1)...

...The Cluetrain Manifesto is as valid as it was in 1999.

It is us geeks who first have built the networks for fun and then become network managers and compliance enforcers. Let’s return to the playground, start something from scratch again that "grows like the weed between the cracks in the monolithic steel-and-glass empire".

Does it exist at all?

(elkement. Created: 2006-08-07. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog, Sammelraum, Irgendwer)

Sammelraum has fulfilled his mission (collecting all kinds of space)...

-... and has at last found evidence that the famous EPS-I(?)room does indeed exist:

EPS-I Room

In the moment EPSI members are discussing
1) If Irgendwer is properly represented in the mysterious sign at the entrance of the EPS room and
2) if this final proof of the existence of the EPS space will require modifications to the theory of relativity.

ELEMENTary Aspects of Human Existence

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Irgenwer documents EPSI lifestyle or - to be precise: Paintblog Lifestyle. He is creating meta-art by combing painted blogs / blogged paint with ELEMENTary aspects of human existence, such as sleep:

ELEMENTary Aspects of Human Existence

Background information on Nice Colors and Malicious Colors, owned (or as we hackers say: 0wned / pwned) by Element and Irgendwer, respectively.

Due to less stringent quoation rules and copyright provisions we are finally able to quote from Irgendwessen original text.

Orange Vision

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-01-12. Created: 2005-05-08. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog, Sammelraum, Irgendwer)

Irgendwer is desperately searching for Sammelraum (Read the coded message) via original and moving poetry:

Tagaus tagein man glaubt es kaum
sammelt Raum der Sammelraum.
Doch in seinem Sammeltraum
träumt er von einem Sammelbaum.

Sammelbaum - Collecting Tree


Day after day believe it or not
collects the plenum space.
However, in his collecting space
He dreams of a collective tree.

Finally we learn about the orange vision of EPSI in this shocking report, not for the faint of heart.

Orange Jail

This traumatic event may have or may have not been imprinted on all EPSIs' minds - and materialized as a so-called header image of this site 10 years later.

Orange Something

What Should Have Never Happened

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-05-07. Tags: Elkement)

Element has revealed the identities of thousands of ist followers, generating one of the prominent scandals of the online world in 2005: Sending a 'newsletter' at about midnight, the Element copied all recipients to the To line instead of BCC.

The embarassing details can be found at

This glitch, revealing the Element's inherent human-ness (It is not a bot after all!) was much funnier than the Newsletter No 7's content, which was allow about Elemenets = Items in the German version of well-known so-called productivity software.

Elements in Outlook ActiveSync (German version)

Thus the Element is now spending a lot of time in building up a new community (It had to delete all contact addresses of its subcribers due to security reasons). On the other hand the element (sometimes also called ELKEMENT) receives feedback from new elementary clients: schön, daß es doch Leute gibt die Sinn für gehobenen Unsinn haben und den auch noch veröffentlichen..

Update 2015: The latest embarassing confessions / facepalm of a so-called IT expert can be found here:

Tagged also with Paintblog despite his role remains dubious.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

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Element watches another EPSI board member, often signing his cryptical messages with P


Is this The P, the same P?

We never know!

10 years later we have no idea what this 'news item' was about.

EPSI Meeting Deciphered

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-03-28. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog, Sammelraum)

The Element wants to outperform Somebody with respect to story-telling and reports on a remarkable meeting - probably violation the unwritten laws of the EPSI guidelines on anonymity:

EPSI cult   EPSI dresscode

Irgendwer[*] has reported on the same meeting, in a more enigmatic way. elkement has finally Google-translated his report. It was not until recently (2015 as per adding this comment) that the essence of these rituals and painstaking research on they significance have been fully appreciated.

The Ritual

[*] Who did not participate in this meeting and was thus removed from the list of tagged EPSIs here!

The King or Big M - a spiritual experience

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-12-01. Created: 2005-03-20. Tags: Elkement, Paintblog, Sammelraum, Irgendwer)

We are still not sure what this means for EPSI...

...but it may be enormously important! Somebody within the EPSI board core team missed it, but nevertheless anybody knows about it and has provided us with the following report. There are rumours that members of the virtual EPSI advisory board may have been present at this event.

Background Information, Declassified 2005

Irgendwer's (Irgendessen) competitive spirit has risen and during a period of spiritually enlightened moment he has written down several new (spiritual) tales, thereby reaching a new level of depth and meaning. Especially a strange story about the possible spiritual impacts of meetings held at even stranger locations might be of interest with respect to the future development of the vision and strategy of EPSI. It has to be mentioned that Irgendwer is able to report on events he was not present, so we are probably encountering telepathic phenomena here.

Background Information, Declassified 2015

Ten years after this 'page' (not really deserving that name) has been added to the epsi Web Tomb, the elkement finally takes a decision:

Cheap cross-linking of German stuff has to stop!

(You might be interested in the elkement's German report though.)

We know that Irgendwer is rather the Forrest Gump of epsi and despite some time in the corporate world his foreign language skills are not well developed. So we do what any Subversive Element in its right mind would do... and let Google Translate the original report:

It turns mildly funny quant stories into elkement-worthy experimental internet poetry:

Very often people of z-village
to be found at places of worship
associated with the rapid uptake of food
(so-called "fast food")
are associated.
After a rigorous ritual takes place,
both the selection
of made-to-mature recipes cult menus
at the dispensaries
and the subsequent eating of.

Ritual 1: Order.
The order of the desired menu is subjected to
a rigorous process and a precise voice control.
Menu - size - Drink - Sauce -
the "here-food" or take away.
Everyone knows what he has to ask and respond.
Errors or superfluous phrases in ritual altercation
immediately expose every cult philistines.

Ritual 1: Order

Ritual 2: eating of.
Tray (with menu) - straw - napkin.
These cult objects you sit on a Spartan table.
The technique to hold a burger
and to fill in the much too small mouth.
The transfigured eyes expression at the first bite.
The greedy sucking on Strohalm
to clear with a brown, carbonated drink his thirst.
The consciousness of being
in the company of like-minded people
- a ritual cult special experience.

Ritual 2: eating of.

Ritual 3: The Coronation. "...
Except ye be converted,
and become as little children,
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven
(Matthew 18.3) ..."
- At the climax of the act of worship
is the spiritual experience
to become as children.
Balloons, toys from the Happy Meal bag
or the ultimate coronation ...

Coronation Coronation is bold. Coronation

10 years later we have no idea what this 'news item' was about.


(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-03-05. Tags: Elkement)

Let's get the historical content of our chest first:

The Element has updated its so-called (or: a little bit more) business compatible website due to numerous requests for quotation permissions. Due to the sensitive nature of the information no links can be provided except a very little one.

We have no idea whatsoever what that businessy allusion might have been. The page once called life.asp, now painstakingly redirected using a list of URLs in a rewrite map as extensive as a phonebook (Sorry, I digress...) shows some self-indulgent images of the elkement as a maverick and lone hero today:

elkement cult shows us rather stilted German Personal Profile Prose at the archived page. But there is (has been) hope as we spot the term 'Freak'.

We feel obliged to add (10 years later) that the Subversive Pages mentioned therein are not red anymore.

Elemental World

(elkement. Last changed: 2015-11-29. Created: 2005-02-25. Tags: Elkement)

The Element triggers radical and subversive thinking and is thus confident to be able to shatter the foundations of society as we know it today.

As a consequence it receives extraordinary feedback, such as:"I would kindly ask you to remove me from your distribution list" or "Why have you chosen a red background?"

To reply to such ground-breaking questions, the Element has  added legendary marginal contents to its start page - following the tradition of Pierre Fermat.

Iconic Subversive Plush Animal

An overdue update: As per end of 2015, the Red Pages are not red anymore: The elkement has started the largest web re-organization in its history and merged its three sites into one. And it developed a new platform from scratch, but - alas - Paintblog will call it Scripts nonetheless.

However, we are considering to launch a Kickstarter campaign so that we cound fund the extraordinary costs of changing the layout from time to time, such as announcing Red X-Mas Nostalgia Weeks. Let us know if you are interested in investing!

But no elemental content had been harmed in this migration! The elkement is a true curator and never deletes anything!

Some(body's) Iconic Icons

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Irgendwer continues to tell tales. He turns neglected pieces of reality into stories, thus fostering competitive spirit within the EPSI community by collecting virtual space in a subversive way and transforming everything into iconic pictures.

Somebody's Icons - Irgendwessen Bildchen

He documents modern society by reconstructing so-called reality by investigating day-to-day splinters of observations, just as complete information is preserved in single splinters of a hologram.

As per December 2015 we need to announce / admit, sad as it is, that Somebody's (Irgendwessen) hand-crafted little thumbnails have been superseded by elkement the Script Kiddy's code for generating images. This is the relentless arrow of time, progress in our age of robotics and automation!

In typical self-referential EPSI-style, we link to the Inspiring Page again that uses the same framework. We thank Somebody for his much appreciated contributions to quality assurance and project management in this web migration project!

© EPSI (2005 until the end of time) Do not send your feedback to: epsi [guess what to insert here to make an e-mail address out of it] Due to fundamental problems of self-reference (that is: referring mainly to our own EPSI pages) a disclaimer concerning hyperlinks does not make any sense at all. Nevertheless, fond of absurdity, we declare to be not responsible for pages we link to. So-called Legal notice: is a private, non-commercial website with contributions from EPSI, an Austrian think tank and association of self-proclaimed artists: E-lement from Workers' Street, P-aintblog from Wall Street, S-ammelraum from Forger's Street, I-rgendwer from z-village. And now, I need more text to fill this container Lorem-Ipsum-style. Text is aligned 'justify' on purpose. Yes, we know that this does not increase readability! But you should not read this actually!!