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No Change (No) Management

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In 2015 elkement and Irgendwer celebrate 10 years of ...

  • Being EPSI.
  • Avoiding Management (Preferring Being Elkement).
  • The Myth of How a Subversive Organization was started.

... and they suddenly noticed that their development as artists was non-existant.

10 years after hving travelled to 100 villages whose name start with Letter Z they still indulge in writing mildly funny, self-referential blog postings about this event, trying in vain to make their legend go viral.

In such postings, they compare this myth to experimental poetry and/or they create poetry from such writings or create poetry from poetry from poetry ... [add more meta levels].

elkement around the corner! Bumpy road ahead

Irgendwer is overwhelmed, as usual

Irgendwer - confused

Even his quiet virtual space, dedicated to showing off his down-to-earth art - usually from plastic pipes and wood ...

So-called Mutant Art: Abstract Installation of Wood, created via interaction with alien life-forms

... has been flooed by elkement's weird poetry. What was originally a typical sculpture created by taming Irgendwer's favorite Great Ribbed Black Pastic Worms...

Glitch in The Matrix: Installation of Plastic and Fruit

... was decreed to become Geek Art (Glitch in the Matrix - Disturbance of the Force).

The Art of Trying to Appear Normal

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In 2014, the elkement has promised:

Irgendwer does not like it, but The Element is going to reveal his current EPSI-worthy activities here.

Edit: The time is now. Irgendwer Art is typically created from so-called everything things, usually neglected and underappreciated raw material for art.

We have to be prepared.
We don't know when they will contact us.
But we will welcome them
with all our advanced civilzation has to offer:
The timeless serene beauty
of 100-year old worm-eaten timber
and the somber appeal of high-tech,
the attraction of the utilitarian.

Zen of Wood: Ancient timber meets device to communicate with alien civilizations. Since 2008!

Zen of Wood:
It is all about the arrangement,
about the process.

Zen of Wood: The magic is in the arrangement.

Sometimes they watch us.

Some Face: Ignorance is Bliss.

And we should shake with horror.
Rightly so.

Some Face: Horror looming beyond potatoes.

Does it exist at all?

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Sammelraum has fulfilled his mission (collecting all kinds of space)...

-... and has at last found evidence that the famous EPS-I(?)room does indeed exist:

EPS-I Room

In the moment EPSI members are discussing
1) If Irgendwer is properly represented in the mysterious sign at the entrance of the EPS room and
2) if this final proof of the existence of the EPS space will require modifications to the theory of relativity.

z Cult Goes Global.

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Irgendwer has has travelled trillions of miles, trying to find answers to fundamental questions. He focuses again on the most important details because these reflect the wealth and diversity of the whole universe:

Pun intended, but unfortunately lost in translation:

Sauf Service

In addition, the z-cult is becoming more popular every day due to somebody's investments in the development of a proper corporate cult identity:

The Z Cult And Its Symbol
Sauf Service

And we all (?) watch closely how Irgendwer intrudes into other life-forms' (?) lives: But as these are aliens or mutants, no harm has been done - allegedly.

Added for your convenience - popcultural background: Just about everybody who works in the post-office is an alien.

ELEMENTary Aspects of Human Existence

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Irgenwer documents EPSI lifestyle or - to be precise: Paintblog Lifestyle. He is creating meta-art by combing painted blogs / blogged paint with ELEMENTary aspects of human existence, such as sleep:

ELEMENTary Aspects of Human Existence

Background information on Nice Colors and Malicious Colors, owned (or as we hackers say: 0wned / pwned) by Element and Irgendwer, respectively.

Due to less stringent quoation rules and copyright provisions we are finally able to quote from Irgendwessen original text.

Orange Vision

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Irgendwer is desperately searching for Sammelraum (Read the coded message) via original and moving poetry:

Tagaus tagein man glaubt es kaum
sammelt Raum der Sammelraum.
Doch in seinem Sammeltraum
träumt er von einem Sammelbaum.

Sammelbaum - Collecting Tree


Day after day believe it or not
collects the plenum space.
However, in his collecting space
He dreams of a collective tree.

Finally we learn about the orange vision of EPSI in this shocking report, not for the faint of heart.

Orange Jail

This traumatic event may have or may have not been imprinted on all EPSIs' minds - and materialized as a so-called header image of this site 10 years later.

Orange Something

Due to less stringent quoation rules and copyright provisions we are finally able to quote from Irgendwessen original text.

[Some weird three-letter acronym] - An Exceptional Meeting

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Irgendwer keeps reporting / story-telling strange meetings. For the first time (Edit in 2015: And the only time ever) he uses the language of corporate BS and marketing on his down-to-earth setter's website:

[Some weird three-letter acronym] - An Exceptional Meeting
Cult Symbols

It sounds very EPSI:

They were very shy and hid from the public during their conventions. In order not to be disturbed they usually started their meetings after dawn and chose hidden locations like a lonesome vineyard somewhere in the countryside. Some of them even did show up in disguise in order not to be recognised.

Do we detect some kind of business relevance / commercialization here? Can the EPSI board tolerate it? Or do we need a Donate Button on this website here anyway?

The King or Big M - a spiritual experience

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We are still not sure what this means for EPSI...

...but it may be enormously important! Somebody within the EPSI board core team missed it, but nevertheless anybody knows about it and has provided us with the following report. There are rumours that members of the virtual EPSI advisory board may have been present at this event.

Background Information, Declassified 2005

Irgendwer's (Irgendessen) competitive spirit has risen and during a period of spiritually enlightened moment he has written down several new (spiritual) tales, thereby reaching a new level of depth and meaning. Especially a strange story about the possible spiritual impacts of meetings held at even stranger locations might be of interest with respect to the future development of the vision and strategy of EPSI. It has to be mentioned that Irgendwer is able to report on events he was not present, so we are probably encountering telepathic phenomena here.

Background Information, Declassified 2015

Ten years after this 'page' (not really deserving that name) has been added to the epsi Web Tomb, the elkement finally takes a decision:

Cheap cross-linking of German stuff has to stop!

(You might be interested in the elkement's German report though.)

We know that Irgendwer is rather the Forrest Gump of epsi and despite some time in the corporate world his foreign language skills are not well developed. So we do what any Subversive Element in its right mind would do... and let Google Translate the original report:

It turns mildly funny quant stories into elkement-worthy experimental internet poetry:

Very often people of z-village
to be found at places of worship
associated with the rapid uptake of food
(so-called "fast food")
are associated.
After a rigorous ritual takes place,
both the selection
of made-to-mature recipes cult menus
at the dispensaries
and the subsequent eating of.

Ritual 1: Order.
The order of the desired menu is subjected to
a rigorous process and a precise voice control.
Menu - size - Drink - Sauce -
the "here-food" or take away.
Everyone knows what he has to ask and respond.
Errors or superfluous phrases in ritual altercation
immediately expose every cult philistines.

Ritual 1: Order

Ritual 2: eating of.
Tray (with menu) - straw - napkin.
These cult objects you sit on a Spartan table.
The technique to hold a burger
and to fill in the much too small mouth.
The transfigured eyes expression at the first bite.
The greedy sucking on Strohalm
to clear with a brown, carbonated drink his thirst.
The consciousness of being
in the company of like-minded people
- a ritual cult special experience.

Ritual 2: eating of.

Ritual 3: The Coronation. "...
Except ye be converted,
and become as little children,
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven
(Matthew 18.3) ..."
- At the climax of the act of worship
is the spiritual experience
to become as children.
Balloons, toys from the Happy Meal bag
or the ultimate coronation ...

Coronation Coronation is bold. Coronation

Some(body's) Iconic Icons

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Irgendwer continues to tell tales. He turns neglected pieces of reality into stories, thus fostering competitive spirit within the EPSI community by collecting virtual space in a subversive way and transforming everything into iconic pictures.

Somebody's Icons - Irgendwessen Bildchen

He documents modern society by reconstructing so-called reality by investigating day-to-day splinters of observations, just as complete information is preserved in single splinters of a hologram.

As per December 2015 we need to announce / admit, sad as it is, that Somebody's (Irgendwessen) hand-crafted little thumbnails have been superseded by elkement the Script Kiddy's code for generating images. This is the relentless arrow of time, progress in our age of robotics and automation!

In typical self-referential EPSI-style, we link to the Inspiring Page again that uses the same framework. We thank Somebody for his much appreciated contributions to quality assurance and project management in this web migration project!

© EPSI (2005 until the end of time) Do not send your feedback to: epsi [guess what to insert here to make an e-mail address out of it] Due to fundamental problems of self-reference (that is: referring mainly to our own EPSI pages) a disclaimer concerning hyperlinks does not make any sense at all. Nevertheless, fond of absurdity, we declare to be not responsible for pages we link to. So-called Legal notice: is a private, non-commercial website with contributions from EPSI, an Austrian think tank and association of self-proclaimed artists: E-lement from Workers' Street, P-aintblog from Wall Street, S-ammelraum from Forger's Street, I-rgendwer from z-village. And now, I need more text to fill this container Lorem-Ipsum-style. Text is aligned 'justify' on purpose. Yes, we know that this does not increase readability! But you should not read this actually!!