EPSI Founders, Visionaries, and Management

(Last changed: 2005-08-21.)

EPSI is a prestigious middle European Think Thank dedicated to:

Elementary research, painting blogs, collecting space and doing something.

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EPSI is at the same time an experiment in inter-cultural communication, building bridges between disciplines, subjects, and all kinds of strange people. Since the founders of EPSI think local and act global (or the other way round?), some of their aliases are in German and some in English. The very meaning of these aliases can only be understood by thorough linguistic analysis (layed out below)

To become a member of the EPSI  board ("distinguished EPSI"), profound knowledge of economics, psychology and other esoteric stuff is a must. The roles and titles assigned to the EPSI board members as listed below are the results of applying the framework of Belbin's team role model.

EPSI's subtle research results and intuitive revolutionary wisdom can only be fully understood by persons with a background (so-called career) in the scientific community, research and development, technology, IT, quality management or manufacturing (or all of them).

We are proud to introduce our board members:

(|)  Element Subversive Non-Coordination & Chief Desperate Dreamer

Also called El(k)ement (Reason unknown). Also called "Das Subversive Element", which cannot be translated to English due to the extraordinary low threshold separating standard behavior from subversion in some middle European countries. Calls itself nerd, geek or freak and is part of (or subverts) the user interface of German standard information worker software ("Elemente werden synchronisiert").

(|)  PaintBlog Spin-Doctor & Head of Art Direction Development

Paradoxical example of recursive self-reference: The label PaintBlog is assigned to both the creator of a visionary virtual space - the PaintBlog - and at the same time denoting this space itself. So probably Paintblogger would be more appropriate. Often considered non-human due to extraordinary activities from management to composing and paint(blog)ing.

(|) Sammelraum Space-Collection-Officer & Master Plant

Can only be roughly translated to "space where we collect (what?) or gather (why?)" or probably also "space where we are collected (by whom?)" So Sammelraum suffers from the same fundamental logical flaw as PaintBlog and over-compensates that by collecting all kinds of technical gadgets and turning them into so-called art. Sammelraum may be also called Sammel(t)raum or, consequently, Sammelträumer and demands: "Sammelt Raum!"

(|) Irgendwer Somebody responsible for Anything Nobody wants to do

Prototypical somebody, competing with the Element to be perfect completer / finisher (Belbin definition), but being enigmatic and remaining in a foggy background, remaining mysterious also for his co-founders. Nevertheless, the value of his work goes undoubted, or: his work has high value (Irgendwer(t)). He likes approval processes and signatures, especially when he can use "Elketronische Siginatur" (?).

But still - despite this enlightening explanations - everybody keeps asking:

What is inside EPSI?

And now (mid 2005), after deliberately considering the consequences of this coming-out, we reveal it:

Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr      still Kr

Welcome to the real world (Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix, part I)

Defragmenting reality

(Warning: Completely strange part of this page is just loading...)

And you all know: Things may seem to be same - but they are not. That holds especially true for EPSI, who has (among many other ambitious projects) specialized on defragmenting ... a lof ot stuff: reality, hopes, dreams, illusions, organizations, guidelines & processes....

During defragmentation of space...      ... also somebody who is not "somebody" in the strict sense of EPSI job titles ...

Defragmenting illusions

But EPSI is still breaking limits: Extending the event horizon beyond what is considered to be absolute borders of knowledge:

We are always asking: What happened before? What are the common grounds we all start from? What is inside and above (in space) and before (in time)?

... may find something interesting ... inside EPSI...      ... sometimes ...

Defragmenting dreams

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