Random Hyperlinks Pervert Purpose

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EPSI board members have many years of management and consulting experience in large organizations and companies. Now they try to employ a wealth of different methods to lay a solid foundation to EPSI in terms of organization and processes.

This page is still heavily under construction. Several brainstorming of the steering committee built up the EPSI founders and approved by the EPSI share holders yielded the following (preliminary) results:

[ Values, vision, strategy ] [ Input and output ]

The following sentences will be incorporated (this word is chosen on purpose) into the charta of EPSI.

EPSI values and the EPSI vision

"Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy"
(The cluetrain manifesto)

"Random hyperlinks pervert purpose"

This mission statement by Sammelraum has been implemented technically as the hyperlink randomizer)

The org chart is still under discussion - utilizing the lated results in mathematical research.Bbut the following Cluetrain statement is used as a guideline:

"We embrace the web not knowing what it is, but we hope it will burn the org chart - if not the organization - down to the ground."
(The cluetrain manifesto)

A solid strategy has to be built from blood, sweat and tears, and has to be ground over and over by the merciless millstones of meetings, flipcharts, tons of wasted paper, (brain) dead intranet web pages and e-mails fostering CC spam.

So it will take about several times the age of this universe - regardless of the cosmologic theory employed - until we will reach consensus.

In the mean time you can read some of the myths, the founders have spread about EPSI and related visions. Due to the reasons explained on the Who-page, some of these pages are in German:

(|) The Element's elementary thoughts about being a netizen and its legendary newsletters provide a common base in terms of language and words and thus a guide to EPSIness for the analytical thinker. As the years go by, it is adding more and more meta-levels and creates poetry from poetry from poetry from poetry...

(|) Paintblog is a resource investigator and monitoring evaluator and foresees the future of EPSI (and life, the universe and everything in general). Although or because of his intellectual power, he summarizes his results in ONE IMAGE, which is called "Far in the distance" - "In der Ferne". So this mean "Far Away". Or what it FAIRWAY perhaps??

(|) Sammelraum expresses his visions about the future and and destiny of mankind (being the central concern of the EPSI board) for example here: Now Here—No Where examines the visualization of "past realities" and how the processes of recollection transform it. Unfortunately - from the perspective of the uninitiated public audience - his landscape is coded now.

(|) Irgendwer combines his deep shallow knowledge of quantum mechanics with his affection for creating nice little thumbnails for everything in the universe to reflect EPSI's definition and the art of EPSI. The elkement calls him The Forrest Gump of EPSI, but as a hands-on settler of z-village he does not care.

Input and output

(An example: A case study of EPSI management methodology, to be developed & transformed to a ridiculous management philosophy which can be sold to 1000s of other managers, yielding 1000s of $$$s)

EPSI relies on management by improbability and we strongly believe that similar methods are employed by successful managers intuitively. The method described in the following is protected by copyright - any violations will be prosecuted mercylessly.

First you need...

... some kind of input, to be managed,
such as brownies.
Due to quantum fluctuations, the exact type of brownie is not predictable:

Very standardized BK brownie with very artificial ice cream     Very individual G brownie, satisfying ELEMENTary needs

This input with the EPSI manager's all-purpose tool, the towel:

Always have a towel at hand!

Finally, depending on the distribution of probability in universe (space!!) you end up with...
.... something on the plate or PROBABLY also nothing ...

If you yield a result of the "nothing" type, it is time to think ...
about business process re-engineering of brownie production
or about outplacement of subversive towels
If you are not sure what to do - schedule a meeting
or think about your org chart.

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